Carbon Dioxide
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A colourless odourless gas which can irritate the nose in large concentrations. It is an asphyxiant in high concentrations, it does not support life. The gas is heavier than air and will collect in low places, cellars, drains etc. Is slightly corrosive in the presence of moisture.
More Information The gas is stored in the cylinder as a liquid under pressure, because of this the actual pressure in the cylinder can vary dependant upon the ambient temperature. In a vapour offtake cylinder as gas is drawn the liquid starts to convert to gas at the top of the cylinder replacing the gas which has been drawn off, keeping the pressure in the cylinder constant until all the liquid has converted to gas. The table shows how the pressure in a cylinder can reduce as the ambient temperature reduces. All our gases are purchase from reliable sources with the appropriate food safety and quality certificates Pressure / Temperature relationship  Carbon Dioxide o C Bar -78 -70 -60 -50 -40 -30 -20 -10    0    5  10  15  20  25  30    0    1    3    6    9  13  19  25  33  38  44  50  56  63  71 Safety Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet Industrial Carbon Dioxide Industrial Carbon Dioxide
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